Over 50, Out of Work, And Unloved

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My heart goes out to this dude – we have a lot more in common than I care to say at this sitting.  Losing a job, just like losing a marriage, becomes a heck of a lot harder to “bounce back” from once those tinges of gray start showing around the hairline.  How does one ever recover from losing both, though – one on top of the other?  We can only hope and pray that his wife will hang in there, show him some love, and receive the medal she’s earned when he’s back on his feet.  An unemployed dude becomes hardest to love when he loses his confidence, or his “edge.”

It’s a terrible cycle that can easily work in reverse, too.  I know from personal experience that a divorced employee becomes impossible for an employer to love when he or she is too frazzled and depressed to keep his or her mind on their work.  Unemployment can trigger divorce, and divorce can trigger unemployment.

These times we live in are very hard.  Hence, the reason for this blog.  The core message I want to put up here is the importance of confidence, and liking the dude you see in the mirror – with or without gray hairs, or any hair at all…

– G-Dude

Middle-Aged Are Unhappiest, Study Finds

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This article jumped out at me this morning as I snuck a quick peek at the news.  It perfectly sums up the reason for this blog, which I’ve been trying to get going so that I can build an audience for the book that I am writing, while at the same time plugging away at writing that book.

We always hear the term “mid-life crisis,” but what does it really mean?  Well, so far, I’ve posted two examples of men who got lost on their journey toward manhood – or stuck in their boyhood, depending on how you look at it.  Their malfeasance is an exaggerated version of our own, hopefully, and their lack of introspection is inherent to their celebrity status.  Still, we have much to learn from them.

Speaking for myself, I experienced my own midlife crisis when the day came that I woke up and realized how short life truly is, and how far I’d strayed from the hopes and dreams I’d had for myself that gave me such optimism when I was younger.  The crisis ended only when I took the measures needed to align my lifestyle with the hopes and dreams that still matter, so that I have the assurance they will come to fruition and become reality long before my earth-bound life is over.

The best, as they say, is truly yet to come…