Over 50, Out of Work, And Unloved

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My heart goes out to this dude – we have a lot more in common than I care to say at this sitting.  Losing a job, just like losing a marriage, becomes a heck of a lot harder to “bounce back” from once those tinges of gray start showing around the hairline.  How does one ever recover from losing both, though – one on top of the other?  We can only hope and pray that his wife will hang in there, show him some love, and receive the medal she’s earned when he’s back on his feet.  An unemployed dude becomes hardest to love when he loses his confidence, or his “edge.”

It’s a terrible cycle that can easily work in reverse, too.  I know from personal experience that a divorced employee becomes impossible for an employer to love when he or she is too frazzled and depressed to keep his or her mind on their work.  Unemployment can trigger divorce, and divorce can trigger unemployment.

These times we live in are very hard.  Hence, the reason for this blog.  The core message I want to put up here is the importance of confidence, and liking the dude you see in the mirror – with or without gray hairs, or any hair at all…

– G-Dude


Heightened Expectations – The Number One Dealbreaker For Internet Dating

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Thank God I’m no longer single. I say this mostly because I’m happily married these days, of course, but it runs through my mind over and over again like a mantra whenever I hear someone gripe about their frustration with internet dating – man or woman.  I can relate all too well, from my own personal experience. Four years of post-divorce dating drove me to despair. On the other hand, it was through the internet that I found my wife, like a needle in a haystack even though we lived in the same condominium complex, only a few buildings apart.

At its best, internet dating is a great way to find your perfect match by laying your cards on the table and describing who you really are, as well as your deal breaker issues – must have’s and must not-have’s. At its worst, it is the perfect opportunity for someone to hide behind witty emails and sarcastic banter, and a ten year old headshot photo that was taken during the single most photogenic moment of his or her life.

Guys, if you ask any woman what it is that she dislikes most about internet dating, she’ll immediately tell you how frustrating it is to get all excited about a guy she’s met online, only to find out that he is completely different than how he described himself when she finally gets to see him in person.

Oh, wait a minute. That also describes what us dudes dislike so much about internet dating. Women do that, too – especially when it comes to their age and their weight.

Of course, we’ve all heard about sociopaths and cheaters who fabricate alter personas to hide their economic and marital status, but I believe those cases are relatively far and few between. There is one big fib that men commonly tell that is almost comically stupid, which women complain about as their biggest pet peeve. They fudge their height – by several inches in some cases. Women always ask afterward, “Why did he do that? Does he really expect me to believe he is 5’8″ when it’s obvious that he can barely get on the roller coaster at Six Flags? If he’s that dishonest about something like that, what else will he lie about?” Ahem – we can only guess…

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